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Memory Fossil


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In collaboration with Eunhae Cho, the fashion designer, I created the fashion film that embodies her philosophy and inspiration behind her collection.

Eunhae's collection draws its essence from the timeless beauty of fossils, born and crafted uniquely by nature over the course of millennia. Just as each fossil tells a story of its provenance and history, so too do her garments reveal layers of meaning and significance.

At the heart of Eunhae's design philosophy lies the concept of modularity – an homage to nature's craftsmanship, where no two stones are alike. Through buttoned closures and interconnected panels, the wearer becomes a co-creator, sculpting their own personal narrative within the fabric of each garment. This build-ability and interchangeability allow for a seamless fusion of art and everyday life, memory and lived experience, offering a faceted glimpse into the ever-changing inner life of the wearer.

Inspired by the idea of memory fossils, I sought to capture the essence of individuality through everyday imprints. From wrinkled hands to worn-out shoes, faded paint to gnarled branches, each shot serves as a visual ode to the unique stories etched into the fabric of our lives. Alternating between studio settings and everyday life, I wanted to explore the interconnectedness of time and layered stories, of art and everyday life.